Whats is Garmin Newly Overhauled

Garmin Newly Overhauled - What is it?

The official description of Garmin Newly Overhauled on Garmin's website is: "A newly overhauled (NOH) device is a device that was returned to Garmin to be factory refurbished. Newly overhauled devices go through extensive testing to bring the devices up to the same specifications as when they were manufactured as new, maintaining high-quality standards."

Why should I choose Newly Overhauled over "New"

Aside from contributing to protecting the environment, the bottom line is the price. Garmin Newly overhauled devices go through an extensive 3-point check. During these checks, the products are guarenteed to be in full working order, guarenteed to be in pristine condition and also come with the full manufacturers warranty. Retailing at a far lower price than "New". So save your money and the environment.

What do customers say about Garmin Newly Overhauled?

"I have gotten two or three refurbished or newly overhauled units from Garmin over the years. And in every case them could not be told from a new one. They showed no evidence of have ever been handled, installed, or used. And they came with the latest mapping data or a certificate that would get you that for free. And they had the same warranty as I would get with a brand new one... I considered them to be a better deal as they had been through at least two additional iterations of testing. One by a consumer and a second by the refurbishers. 

What did Garmin say when asked about what Newly Overhauled means?

These are systems that have been returned to Garmin from either an end user or dealer that may or may not have been used. Many of the units Garmin gets back from their larger retailers are actually found to be working fine, but end users have returned them for any number of reasons. Whereas some units do come back with real failures. Garmin therefore takes all these units that come back, tests them out and, if necessary, does repairs to bring them back to 'like new' status. Garmin also ensures they have the latest software update. These units are therefore as good as new, but since they have been in the field, cannot be sold as new. Garmin then offers them to their dealers at a discounted price and offers a full one year warranty, just as they do on new systems. These systems are not new, but are as good as new.